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Comic Talks

Safety Sam comics are given to every primary year 2 and 3 student on Jersey.

Every year, Child Accident Prevention Jersey representatives visit primary Year 2 and Year 3 classes to deliver lessons containing safety messages shown in the Safety Sam comic.

Based on local unintentional injury data, the comic changes regularly to show the most relevant safety tips. This gives the students a chance to think about how they would deal with a situation, hopefully before it happens.

The autumn/winter comic, which is delivered to year 2 children, looks at home safety, contacting the emergency services and being safe inside a car.

In the spring/summer term, primary year 3 classes are visited by the same team this time talking about beach safety, fire prevention and road safety as a cyclist and as a pedestrian.

Grateful thanks goes to JP Mauger, Soroptimist International and Jersey Electricity for sponsoring the current set of comics.

Click on the comics below to find out more! You could even take a look at the older comics by downloading them from our ‘free downloads’ page.

Safety Sam Comic Autumn Issue

Safety Sam Comic Spring Issue