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Safety in Action Event 2021

The Team at Child Accident Prevention ( Jersey) are looking forward to welcoming year 6 students to Safety in Action (2) being held at Les Ormes, between Monday 13th September to Wednesday 22nd September.

Child Accident Prevention (Jersey) has staged this annual event since 1997. Each year over 1000 year 5 students from 30 Primary Schools across the Island visit 5 interactive workshops where they receive important, practical information regarding how to stay safe. This information is delivered by enthusiastic instructors from our partner organisations.

Because of Covid restrictions in 2020 we were unable to hold  this very important annual event in the school calendar . This year we have been able to hold one event for those students that missed Safety in Action in 2020 in July and are holding a second event for the current year 6 students which starts on Monday 13th September and finishes on Wednesday 22nd September with the permission of  our partner organisation -Les Ormes and the Bosdet Foundation.

Following the success of the event in previous years and in response to valuable feedback we received from teachers, parents and students we have taken the decision to continue running the event over eight days with two sessions each day. Each session now lasts 135 minutes (previously 90 minutes). The first session starts at 9.30am and finishes at 11.45am and the second session starts at 12.15pm and finishes at 2.30pm. This gives our workshop leaders more time to deliver those important safety messages and there may even be time to answer questions.

Safety in Action sits well within the Key Stage 2 curriculum as it brings together all of the safety information the children have been taught and offers the opportunity to put that knowledge into practice.

Some of the comments from teachers and parents attending the 2019 event;

    • Lively role play really interactive, rehearsal for the real thing, learning for everyday
    • The interactive workshops kept the children involved and interested
    • All workshops really good and delivered in a friendly manner.
    • Professionally done, well organised and kept the children engaged.
    • Excellent presentation of all workshops, clear information given
    • Very interactive, Lots of practical real life scenarios – makes it real and meaningful to the children.
    • All workshops very interesting – pitched for the age of the audience and with the language used.
    • Lots of information given, good subject knowledge, quick and fast paced – children enjoyed the activities.
    • Good practical activities, very clearly explained and well resourced.
    • All presenters were excellent, very interactive ways of getting information over to students.
    • Different style and props to change the way information given and no chance of zoning out of context.
    • All presenters very knowledgeable and passionate and great with the children
    • All fun and informative, engaging for the age group
    • Children learn so much and how to save lives, when presented with safety advice.
    • Clear information, engaged with the children and provided key instructions and information relevant to the scenario, great rapport and reinforcement.
    • A very impressive and interesting event. As a parent I have learnt a lot too!!
    • Very professional and interactive, kept the children’s interest throughout.

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