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Swimming Pool & Pond Safety

Swimming pools are a splashing good time!

Follow the swimming pool code to make sure everyone stays safe!

Young children love to wander and may fall into a swimming pool if unsupervised.

Swimming pool covers do not stop children from falling into the water.

It’s much safer to have a locked fence around a swimming pool.

Child Information
Adult Information
Lifeguards are present at all public swimming pools and some hotel pools in Jersey. They are there for your safety so make sure you listen to what they have to say.

Most swimming pools will have a list of pool rules, read this before going into the water.

General rules are:

  • Have a quick shower before going into the water as this helps keep the water clean.
  • Wait one hour before swimming if you have eaten.
  • Don’t run on the poolside, the tiles are slippery when wet.
  • Beware of the water depth, diving is only safe if the water is at least 1.5 metres. At Les Quennevais Swimming Pool diving is forbidden.
  • Do not swim under diving boards.
  • Wait for the lights to change or the lifeguard to wave when using flumes/waterslides.
  • Keep your head above water in Jacuzzis and spas, lifeguards cannot see you easily because of the bubbles.

Home swimming pool safety is really important. Don’t go into the pool unless there is an adult around.

If you are in a private swimming or paddling pool, make sure there is an adult there to watch you all the time.  Keep an extra eye on little children and make sure you put all of your pool toys away and out of the pool when you have finished with them.

Remember to dial 999 and ask for an ambulance if you need help.

American research has shown that parents are overconfident about their children’s safety abilities around water.

Drowning is the second largest cause of injury related death for children aged 0-14 and more than half of parents say that they do not worry much or at all about their child drowning.

Adults must increase the quality of supervision of children around water as evidence has shown that whilst parents admit to supervising their children they also admit to participating in a variety of distracting behaviours while supervising.

The Home Safety Swimming Pool Code was printed at the request of the States of Jersey Ambulance Service, due to their concern about the number of visits they make to peoples homes every summer because of swimming pool accidents.  The Code has kindly been sponsored by CAP Pools & Spas and Seahorse Pools Ltd and is being distributed by swimming pool retailers.

Click here if you would like to download your own copy or, Click here to make contact for printed copies.

Home Pool Safety.  Watch it. Check it. Get Safe.

Q. Why do drownings happen in home swimming pools?
A.  Pools are close to a home and the child’s natural curiosity brings them into contact with the pool. We see an average one child drowning/near drowning in Jersey home pools yearly.

Q. How do children get into the home swimming pool?
A.  Usually through a house door or walking through a garden into a neighbours pool.  Toddlers often fall into pools or go in voluntarily trying to reach toys or walk on top of pool covers.

Children aged 5 and under are most at risk.

Q.  Will I hear the child calling for help when drowning?
A.   No.  Evidence shows that on average a child who has drowned was missing usually less than 5 minutes and no one heard a splash, even when the adult was by the poolside.

Pool Safety Code

1.  It begins with YOU!
Pool safety starts with you.  Constant adult supervision for younger children with limited distractions that may interfere with supervision is needed.  Know first aid, especially CPR and teach your kids to  swim.

2.  Inside your home.
Have a clear view of the pool from your house.  Access to exterior doors should be limited to adults, with child proof locks on doors and windows.

3.  Outside your home.
Secure the pool area with a 4 sided safety fence with a self-closing self-latching gate.  Keep the fence clear of furniture, kids love to climb.

4.  The pool area.
Keep toys and pool aids out of the pool and store securely away out of view.  Ensure drains, suction and fittings have grates and covers to prevent body or hair entrapment.  Store pool chemicals in a locked cupboard.